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Ten years ago, the streets of Orlando gained a new gem — Amway Center. It didn’t take long until Amway became home to different social events in Downtown. Luring citizens from all around the world, this Orlando’s jewel earned popularity in no time.

If the road ever leads you here you certainly wouldn’t want to waste any time looking for a ride. It’s always a better option to book your Amway Center Orlando limo in advance and spend the extra time strolling around the city. There are so many interesting places you can see near the Amway Center, it would be a shame to miss it by standing at the airport trying to get a taxi.


From Orlando Airport to Amway Center and Vice Versa

There are two main airports in Orlando — Sanford, and MCO. Although they are not so far away from Amway Center, it’s not always easy to find the ride at the moment you arrive. Especially if we have in mind that MCO is one of the busiest airports in the U.S.

If you book our services, you won’t have a problem. Our driver will be waiting for you at the scheduled time. Also, if your flight gets delayed, there is no need to worry. We track all arrivals and departures, and you can expect your chauffeur to arrive when you land.

You can relax in our luxury Amway Center Orlando limo. Allow the chauffeur to choose the best route and enjoy the high-quality service we offer.

Of course, if you are already in Orlando, but you are leaving the town right after the concert or game, you can count on us. We will pick you up at Amway Center and drive you to the airport while you are in the backseat, summing up the impressions after the big event.


What Option Should You Choose?

We understand that different people have different necessities. There are some people who wish to go to the Center straight from the airport. On the other hand, there are others who prefer to go to the hotel, refresh a little bit and then go to the Amway Center. That’s the reason we created different options, so we can fulfill the needs of each customer.

If you want to spare yourself from the stress caused by traffic, parking search, etc. and you only need a ride in one direction, book our point-to-point service. We guarantee you will have the most efficient and comfortable ride.

This is the perfect solution if you just landed at the airport, and you are about to go to an event. Our chauffeur will come to pick you up wherever, and they will drop you off at Amway Center. Not only will you get rapid transportation, but you will also receive help with your bags.

If you are not in a rush and have some time to kill in a hotel room before going to the Amway Center, we suggest you book our hourly option. We are flexible and we want to give you full freedom to schedule your day however you like. If you want to stop and look at the beautiful nature, we will do that. If you want to go somewhere nice and have lunch, it won’t be a problem. The chauffeur will suggest to you the finest restaurants in the town and take you there.

As you can see, this is similar to having a private limo driver. We will make sure you are completely satisfied during the whole journey. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for two, three, or ten hours. You won’t waste a single minute on the city traffic. Our chauffeur will always be parked close to you, ready to start the engine and get you on the road.


Book Our Amway Center Orlando Limo Now

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Client Testimonials
Extremely professional from the first minute I booked the limousine. Fleet probably one of the best in Orlando Very few companies have a consistent customer service attitude and Orlando Transportation Specialists is one of them. Whether I need MCO car service or a wedding limo I know I'll choose this Orlando car service.
Paul White

Prompt service and reliable company, very courteous and friendly. They have really awesome limousines. We hired them for our wedding and after our experience we recommended them to all of our friends. Probably the best limo service in Orlando!
Michael Walker

Great car service! This was the first time I used Orlando Transportation Specialists for airport transportation and it was a pleasure... Town car in perfect shape, good driver and very safe ride.
Helen Taylor