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Must-See Attractions in Orlando

During these cold winter months, we would all like to relax next to the ocean surrounded by palm trees and enjoy the lovely sun. So, maybe we should all pack our bags and set off to beautiful Florida, and visit one of the most popular cities in that state, Orlando. One thing is for sure, with everything that Orlando has to offer, we will have a lot of fun and we will never get bored.


Believe it or not, Orlando is the most visited destination in the US, and more than 50 million tourists come here each year. But, why is that the case? What is so special about Orlando that makes so many people go there? Well, we have found some answers, and we will tell you about just a few places that everyone should visit at least once. They represent what Orlando truly is about, so without any further ado, let us begin.


Walt Disney World Orlando


There is no doubt that the most popular and well-loved destination in Orlando is the one and only Walt Disney World, a magical place where dreams come true. This theme park is one of the most famous family attractions in the world and it is on the bucket list of millions of people regarding their age. There are 4 parks you can explore, but definitely, the most recognizable one is Magic Kingdom, where you can find stunning Cinderella’s Castle that stands tall and waits for you. For 50 years, Disney World hasn’t stopped to amaze visitors and we think that it is never too late to come here. So, whenever you decide to come to this part of Florida, make sure to buy tickets on time. This amusement park is definitely a place you will never forget, and once you see it once, you will always want to come back to have a glimpse of the famous Minnie and Mickey.


Universal Orlando 


This city is surely the best known for its numerous theme parks, and the one whose name is popular around the world is Universal Orlando. So, it is no wonder that it attracts more than 20 million visitors annually. Within this massive complex, you can find two huge theme parks dedicated to some of the most famous movies. In case you are a Harry Potter fan, and let’s be honest, who isn’t, then this is a place made just for you. Here, you can become a part of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and even for a day, you can imagine being a member of the Hogwarts family. There are not a lot of places in the world that can compare to Universal Theme Parks, so make sure to visit it and understand why so many people love it. Arriving at this amazing place has never been easier, thanks to our Universal Orlando limousine service, so make sure to book one on time.


J.F. Kennedy Space Center 


If theme parks are not your cup of tea, head over to the incredible J.F. Kennedy Space Center, and visit one of the most important locations in the United States. This is a place where many famous astronauts took off into space. You can have an insight into one of the most popular NASA operations in the history of mankind, which makes this place extremely important, and definitely worth visiting. There are over 60 exhibitions you can explore, so you can learn more about the space program itself. One of the exhibits is showcasing the original Space Shuttle Atlantis, and we are sure that it will leave you speechless. You can even go to an astronaut training simulator and try to operate a space shuttle. Pretty cool, right? But even that is not all. At the Universe Theatre, you can meet some real astronauts, and hear some of their unbelievable stories. 




We all know that Florida is home to many reptiles, and if you want to see them, from a safe distance, of course, then head over to Gatorland, also known as The Alligator Capital of the World. This place sounds both scary and very tempting at the same time. Here you can meet alligators, crocodiles, both babies, and those who are almost 14 feet long. Probably the best thing is that in Gatorland you can see white leucistic alligators in person and admire their beauty. Some of the reptiles are even part of the daily shows and demonstrations that you can watch. The coolest part is probably two zip lines that go above the protected pens. They are called Screamin’ Gator and Gator Gauntlet, so if you are brave enough, you have to try them!


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